Sales Management Tools

Sales Training based on Sales Competencies

mobiliser provides 123 to guru sales training programs. Participants are salesforce, sales supervisors and sales managers.

Our sales training programs integrate the best practices around the corners. We develop mobiliser’s sales competencyTM and use it as the background for development of sales training programs.

Basic Selling Skills
Advanced Selling Skills
Sales Management Tools


Sales Management Tools (AceTools©)

The AceTools© program provides essential sales management skills which address daily tasks of sales managers.
● 2 days++
Who Must Attend?
Who Must Attend?
● Sales Supervisors
● Sales Managers, Area Sales Managers and Regional Sales Managers
Program Outlines
Program Outlines
● Responsibilities of Sales Managers
● Sales Managers' Time Management
● Developing Regular Training Programs for the Sales Teams
● Effective Sales Team Meetings and Workshops
● Understanding your Strategic Objectives
● Recruiting & Keeping Best Sales People
● Understanding Dream Customers
● Designing Sales Planning
● Building & Managing Winning Sales Teams
● Motivating Sales Teams
● Performance Coaching
Activities and Tools
Activities and Tools
● Roles of Sales Managers
● Time Management Matrix
● Training Process and the Outcomes
● Meeting Formula
● 3Ps Process
● Strategic Objectives from Customers' Perspectives
● Recruiting Formula
● Steps to Open the Dream Customers' Gates
● 5Ps of a team
● The IU matrix
● Coaching process

Ensure the Achieving of Business Performance through People Development

We believe that the participation in training program is just initial step in learning process of participants. We develops mobiliser Breakthrough Training Model – MBTTM to ensure that the learning process is result based and job associated.

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mobiliser provides On the job Coaching service (OJC). It is developed based on the understanding of adult learning process and the best pracices in coaching.

After each training workshop, we implement “one on one” coaching to participants to encourage participants apply tools at work.

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